5 Simple Steps To A Profitable Artist's Business Plan

How to clearly build your Art Business, without all that stress, confusion and overwhelm.

With Artist | Art Business Coach Sophie Mahir


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Here's Some Of What You Will Discover:


✔  The number one question you need to answer before you can even start that all-important planning.

✔  The single most important element in your Artist’s Business Plan and how you can use that to design anything you want for your year.

✔  How to understand some of the simple numbers that are crucial to your success, which will give you the key to a profitable few months ahead.

✔  Understanding your ideal customer and how that plays such an important part in your plan.

✔  The 5 Key Marketing Essentials that must be a part of your Artist’s Business Plan and why they are so vital.

✔  How getting clear on your true vision for your creativity and life, means that you have that first step towards building a solid art business (whether that’s full-time or part-time).

Why I do, what I do. 


I am passionate about helping artists build successful art businesses.

I left behind being a single parent on the benefit system, worked hard, got educated, stayed focused and made a heap of mistakes.

15 years on I’ve put together my two passions Art & Business and now feel blessed every day.

Now I work with artists to help them set up, market and grow their own successful Art Business.


- Sophie Mahir

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