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Want to Make a Living from your Art?


Making money from your art and creativity is no simple task, it takes work and time - you are building a business (scary word, but I promise you will learn to love it)!

One of the most important things for you and your art business will be KEEPING MOMENTUM

Keeping up the continual work and learning in order to keep moving forward and improving will take motivation - and some serious willpower when all we want to do is get back to our creative space and CREATE.


Which is why this exclusive monthly membership has been created for artist’s like yourself, to help you keep up that momentum by maintaining focus on its mantra:


Action + Accountability = Results. 

Here Are The Key Benefits Of The Art Business Academy

Suits any stage of your Art Business Success Path.

Perfect for any 2/3D artist or any offering art services.

Easy to consume bite-sized monthly content.

Time-saving monthly templates and cheat-sheets.

Mindset work to support your on-going development.

Growing community of like-minded artists.

Weekly live calls to get all your questions answered.

Mega Bonus Trainings.

Easy to fit in around your full life.

And Best Of All...

Affordable monthly payments or you can pay annually and get 2 months FREE!

The Art Business Academy™ 
Membership Includes:

'Art Business Success Path’
(The Mini Course)


Start your journey straight away with my 5 Steps to Your Art Business Success Path and discover exactly what you need to focus on next.

With helpful worksheets and bonus PDF templates as well.

Mini Business Trainings (Monthly)


Learn new topics in the monthly Training Library: All Things Marketing, Business Planning, Sales, Pricing, Audience, Organisation, Social Media, Money, Teaching, and more…

Time-Saving Templates (Monthly)


Save time and beat overwhelm with our Monthly Templates: Marketing Planners, Social Media Posting Planers, Action Plans, Cheat-Sheets, Check-Lists and more essential art business templates for you to download and use over and over again.

Mindset Mantras (Monthly)


Boost your confidence with our simple Mindset Monday Mantra emails giving you a new positive affirmation to work with every week.

Live Q&As


Once a month you will have the opportunity to get all your art business questions answered with our Special Monthly Live Q&A Calls; which include a working time for you to use to get s**t done!

Review & Reset Call


At the end of the month, we get together on a group video call and go through our review & reset process. Taking stock of what you have learnt, achieved and could improve on, we then get set up for the month ahead. 

What topics will you typically learn each month?

- which will be available in the Training Library* FOREVER.






Passive Income


Social Media


Before deciding to set up the ABA...


I ran a highly successful offline membership called ‘Perth Arts’ in the city where I now live.

The monthly events were bubbling with energy, inspiration, connection and sharing; with different training content each month and a thriving community of local artists who stay in touch even now.

Here’s what some of the Perth Arts Members have said:

"I have been able to start my art business from scratch because of this group.

I now have the support to grow my business going forward and continued inspiration an accountability to make it my full time job!"


Kalita Donaldson

Further words...

Alana Diebel

"If you want a real, straight-forward, support person to remind you that anything is possible, you need to join Perth Arts and meet Sophie."

Sharon Gangell

"I have been in the Facebook group for a year and been to 4 meetups.  I have learnt so much and take it onboard the ideas to implement."

Elana Halvorson

"Sophie is inspiring and motivating. She has the skills and experience to back up what she teaches."

Lorraine Corker

"Perth Arts has helped me have the courage and focus to keep working on my dream."

Mariana Kirova

"I doubt there is another, even close to this, group not just in Perth WA but anywhere else.  I like everything.  Thank you, Sophie, for the amazing work you do for all creatives!!"

Carolyn Francis

"As I am dyslexic (artist brain) and have always avoided the computer  and social media, since working with Sophie I have 1660 followers on Instagram and over 150 on Facebook."

Fleur Adams

"Loving seeing the support and love given. 
Glorious presenter, passionate soul, gives love and inspiration to fellow creatives."

Donna Woodhouse

"Sophie has opened my eyes to the wonders and possibilities of being an independent business owner.  I am nearer to can than can't."

"The group has been an inspiring experience.

It has taught me important business strategies and introduced me to a group of like-minded people."


Jennie Merritt

Here’s what your Art Business Success Path looks like inside The Art Business Academy™.

This is where you will START.


This simple short mini course will provide you with the exact roadmap you need to set up, market and grow the future of your art business. And it all starts with the Mindset…

Step One: Believing.

In this first step on your art business success path we start with the true fundamentals – your mindset. I walk you through some key distinctions in terms of Beliefs, Values, Habits, Language and how these impact your day-to-day results. You’ll use my Life Wheel to work on all aspects of your life, not just your creativity and business.

Step Two: Planning.

In the second step on your art business success path we dive into planning. From the big picture right down to the details; tips for 100% focus and productivity, as well as a whole loads of planning templates you can use to get on top of your art business. If you weren’t sure about planning before this, my hope is you’ll come out loving it.

Step Three: Marketing.

In the third step on your art business path success path we cover the basics of marketing; from what you should be doing regularly to build your mailing list; how to define your target market; find your USP; right up to how to structure a simple sales campaign which leads up to making those vital sales.

Step Four: Selling.

In the fourth step on your art business success path we pick up from the marketing and look at how you are actually selling what you offer. What route to market have you chosen; online or offline sales platforms; and how will you position your offer to appeal to your ideal customer.

Step Five: Growing.

In the fifth step on your art business success path we reach the final stage of growing. From looking at how to expand (if that’s something you want to do), build a small team and outsource the tasks you hate. To developing your product-range and even introducing my 7 Stages Of Wealth Creation.

Here are some common questions you might want ask before considering joining The Art Business Academy™

Start Building Your Successful Art Business.


When you join The Art Business Academy™ you get access to:

  The ‘Art Business Success Path’ Mini-Course.


  Monthly Mini Business Trainings.


  Monthly Time-Saving Templates.


  Mindset Mantras.


  Weekly Q&A's


  Monthly Review & Reset Call With Sophie.


The Membership Pricing:



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  • Pay $27 AUD a month for as long as you're a member.
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